About The Cast

When the enthusiastic, international opera band THE CAST take the stage, they share a passion for creating something wonderful right then and there. They take the old genre of opera apart, and reassemble it into something shiny and new, taking it places it hasn’t been, at least not recently. When the group leads the audience to clap and stamp “we will rock you” rhythms to Verdi’s Anvil Chorus, you know something different is going on. The old number you’ve heard a thousand times suddenly becomes fun and engaging, and you’re on your feet cheering along.

THE CAST mixes opera and entertainment, connecting the audience to the music through superhuman singing and pure fun. The artists come together to celebrate opera and share stories about their diverse connections to the music. So, when German-native baritone Till Bleckwedel comes on stage before the show, he solemnly advises audience members to turn their phones on and live tweet their photos and videos – that is, any time they’re not too busy cheering or clapping along.